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Prepare your Trees for Winter

Landscaping around your home takes a lot of time and effort. You don’t want to see your hard work ruined by a bad winter. Before cold weather hits, winterize your trees by following these tips.

Trim Back Branches

Prevent the branches on your trees from becoming weighed down by snow. Grab a saw or trimmer and prune back the branches. Not only will trimming keep your tree healthy, it may prevent the branches from breaking and doing damage to your property.


Ensure a successful spring bloom for your trees by fertilizing the soil around the root system. You can find fertilizers specifically for the winter, which provide the nutrients they’ll need most.

Insulate Around the Ground

Keep your tree roots protected by insulating them. You can do that with mulch, leaves, compost or straw. Don’t pile on too much insulation, however, or you may suffocate the root system and cause your trees more harm than good.

Keep out Critters

In the winter, rodents and other animals may seek shelter from the harsh cold. That means your trees could be a potential home to some unwanted critters. Prevent them from making your trees into their winter home by wrapping them with tree guards.
Follow these tips and your trees will be winter ready in no time. To learn more about winterizing your trees, call Potter’s Tree Service, LLC in New Berlin at 262-780-4800.