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Three Reasons to Remove a Tree Stump From Your Yard

That tree stump in your front yard has to go. Not only is it an eyesore, but it poses other annoying problems to your yard. Tree removal specialists often handle stumps, so here are some reasons to seek one out today.

Stumps Harbor Pests

As a stump rots away, room is made inside for insects and small rodents to live in. They won't stop there, once they've nested so close to your home, they may move in with you.

Remove an Unnecessary Obstruction

A stump is your yard is one thing, but a stump that blocks foot traffic or encroaches on your garden is something else entirely. Removing a stump means you don't have to navigate around it or reduce your flower beds to accommodate it.

Stumps can Sprout

Stumps already look bad, but when they start sprouting small trees, as some stumps do, your yard really suffers. This kind of unwanted growth reduces your curb appeal and can steal nutrients from your other trees and plants.
There's no need to wait, if you have an unsightly stump taking up space in your yard and putting your home at risk for pests, then you need to contact a local tree or landscaping service. Call Potter’s Tree Service, LLC in New Berlin at 262-780-4800 to have yours removed today.