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When to Remove a Tree From Your Yard

Trees make beautiful additions to any yard. It can be devastating to think a time will come when you need to remove one of yours. However, there are many reasons why it is beneficial to get rid of a tree before it becomes a hazard. 

It Is Too Diseased or Damaged

Diseases can overpower certain trees. If over 50 percent of a tree has the disease, then it is best to remove the entire thing. Additionally, rot can form on a tree, which necessitates elimination before the rot spreads to other trees. Trunk damage can occur from the weather and other factors. When the trunk is too damaged, then the foundation of the tree is no longer secure. 

It Is Posing a Hazard to Nearby Structures

You need to be careful about large trees that are too close to a building. In the event it topples over, it could result in significant damage. You also need to be mindful if the tree is growing upward toward power lines. Power could be lost to the whole neighborhood if the tree ends up breaking the wires. 
Ultimately, a tree only needs to be removed when it poses a threat to the other trees, buildings or people. When you need to remove a tree, call Potter’s Tree Service, LLC in New Berlin at 262-780-4800 to find a qualified company.