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Why You Should Insist On Having Your Trees Maintained by Professional Tree Services

Trees are a valuable asset to business and property owners. They add visual beauty, offer shade and protection, plus increase the property value. However, if your trees are not properly cared for, they can actually reduce value and even become potentially dangerous. Here is why healthy trees are important, plus two important things a tree professional can do for you.
Trees require a first-rate maintenance to experience vibrant, healthy growth. There are two parts to a good upkeep schedule for your trees. Anytime you notice dead or damaged limbs, is cause for concern, so clearing away deadwood is critical. Then, your trees need to be shaped and periodically pruned to enhance new growth.
Get Rid of Deadwood
Diseases will befall and damaging insects will attack, when your trees are unhealthy. One thing that can create these serious problems is deadwood. Deadwood can be a haven for devastating diseases, and a harborage for insect infestations.
Frequently, deadwood is simply part of the natural growth process of your trees. However, other times it represents a potentially dangerous situation, so it's never wise to just leave dead limbs and branches in your trees.
Since both disease and insects can go unnoticed by the untrained eye, it is recommended that you schedule periodic maintenance with a professional tree service. The trained eye of a tree specialist can spot and address problems before they compromise the health of your tree. One of those things is noticing and removing potentially harmful deadwood before disease spawns or insects infect the tree.
Since most insect and disease problems are caused by lack of attention, you should develop an ongoing relationship with a professional tree service. Even though a full service tree company will be able to handle the removal of a dead tree, sticking to a strict maintenance plan is always the preferred option. Having unnecessary deadwood removed from your trees is the first part of that plan.
Your Trees Get Proper Pruning
Pruning your trees is essential. However, trimming them correctly is critical. Poorly pruned limbs and branches on your trees cause problems. Incorrectly stubbed limbs can gradually die, creating deadwood.
Branches that are not professionally pruned can grow abnormally. Abnormal tree growth is more than just an unappealing shape to your tree. Improper pruning can cause limbs and branches to grow unnaturally. The random lopping off, of limbs and branches, is not how to correctly prune a tree.
Correct tree pruning is an art, a skill mastered by a professional tree specialist. They study to learn which branch to trim and how to correctly trim it. Smaller trees may seem like a simple job. However, pruning any size tree, without using the proper tools and techniques, can actually do more harm than good to the tree. Large, mature trees do possess a stronger ability to recover from poor pruning, although they can still be severely damaged.
Harm to the tree predominately occurs when poor technique is used and a branch, or multiple branches die. Too many instances of bad pruning can eventually kill your tree. To guarantee your trees are properly and timely pruned, you should utilize the expert service of a tree specialist.
Trees provide a valuable aesthetic beauty to your property. As they mature and grow taller, trees will also make the climate around and within your home more efficient, helping reduce your utility bills. Making sure they remain healthy, continuing to thrive and grow towards their stately maturity is an important job.
Since your trees are so valuable, you shouldn't trust them to just any unreliable tree cutter. Select a tree service with a solid reputation. In the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area, Potter's Tree Service LLC is such an example.