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Serving Milwaukee, Waukesha and Surrounding Areas

24/7 Service for Tree Emergencies in Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties and the Surrounding Areas

Fallen Tree

Our professional arborists understand that emergencies don’t happen on a schedule, which is why we are on call 24 hours a day to clear what’s blocking your path. We have the expert knowledge needed to evaluate the situation and design a safe removal process that protects your family and your property. We even provide stump grinding to ensure no unsightly mess is left behind after your emergency tree removal.

Taking Care of Fallen or Dangerous Branches

Some trees are simply too old to stand any longer. Sometimes their roots are severed, unestablished or too shallow, making them more susceptible to toppling in high winds. Even if an entire trunk doesn’t fall, large, weak branches can break and cause hazardous situations due to heavy snow or high winds. Constantly wet root systems, such as those at the bottom of hills, are also more likely to fall. No matter the reason for a fallen tree or branch, the result can be dangerous at worst and cause inconvenient blocking of your driveway at best. Even worse, they never fall at a convenient time, which is why it’s important to keep a company such as ours on call for 24-hour tree removal. Our trained, knowledgeable professionals will assess the situation and handle the problem as quickly as possible to give you peace of mind.


Professional Tree Management Service for Businesses in Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties and Surrounding Areas

Streets with Trees

Residential properties aren’t the only ones that benefit from great landscaping. Your commercial property’s landscaping is the first thing your clients see, so it needs to make a fantastic first impression. Potter’s Tree Service LLC offers affordable commercial tree service in New Berlin. Perhaps you’ve just opened a new business and would like to plant new trees, bushes or flowers. We can implement a landscaping design that fits your company’s brand. Maybe you have an established property with dead or dying trees on it. These eyesores can drive business away. We’ll remove these, along with their stumps and roots, to create a space for you to add more pleasing landscaping. We also provide routine maintenance services.

Why It Benefits Your Company

Tree service makes your property more inviting. When clients or potential employees pull up to your building and see well-cared-for trees and flowers, they see a business that is detail-oriented and takes pride in what it does. Great landscaping brings new shoppers to shopping malls, potential businesses to office complexes and new renters to apartment complexes. Even municipal buildings benefit from tree management by proving to taxpayers their taxes are used with pride. The benefits don’t stop at beauty, either. Decaying or dead trees pose health hazards to anyone who walks near them, something your insurance company is sure to see as a liability. Our tree and stump removal services ensure there are no scary surprises waiting on your property, giving you and your visitor’s peace of mind. Proper landscaping can even raise your property value!

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The skilled and experienced arborists at Potter’s Tree Service LLC use only the most professional equipment and techniques. We even handle emergency situations 24/7! If you are ready to find out more about tree service in New Berlin, contact us at 262-780-4800.

Tree Removal

Removing Dangerous and Damaged Trees in Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties and the Surrounding Areas

As trees decline their roots, trunks and branches become weak, posing a hazard to anyone or anything near it. When you call on our team at Potter's Tree Service LLC, we will begin by assessing the situation and determining the safest way to remove your dead or dying tree. Our top-of-the-line equipment and highly trained specialists ensure the safety of you and your property during the removal process.

  • Removals – We have the expertise and equipment to remove large and complicated trees as well as smaller trees.
  • Stumping – Using our remote controlled stumper on tracks, we can get virtually any stump with little impact on your turf and can fit through a 41” gate opening.

Once we've removed the tree, we'll clean the area to ensure your New Berlin, Waukesha, West Allis, Muskego and Brookfield property is safe and beautiful.

Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties and the Surrounding Areas

Fallen trees are hazardous not only to your property, but to everyone who sets foot on it. Call us at 262-780-4800 to find out more about our tree removal service and stump grinding service. We serve New Berlin, Waukesha, West Allis, Muskego, and Brookfield. Don’t forget to ask about our free estimates!

Stump Grinding

Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties and the Surrounding Areas

Stump Grinding
Our remote controlled stumper on tracks will fit through a 41-inch gate opening. It will also climb virtually any place on the property with very little impact to your turf. At your request, we can haul away the grindings and backfill with topsoil to either seed or sod area.

Get Your Free Estimate in Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties and the Surrounding Areas

If you have old tree stumps on your property, it is important to hire a reputable stump removal service to ensure pests don’t take up residence. Once they do, they will deplete the stump’s resources and could decide to move on to your home. We at Potter’s Tree Service LLC provide affordable stump grinding in New Berlin, Waukesha, West Allis, Muskego and Brookfield. Call 262-780-4800 to get your free estimate for stump removal or commercial tree service!

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